Paris Mall New Show

Paris Mall New Show

Pyramids launches exclusive offers for all outstanding customers under the name of the new Paris Mall offer I own your administrative or medical headquarters and the first installment of rent, this offer is one of the best real estate offers in terms of repayment system and for anyone interested in investing in the administrative capital in the largest malls of the capital Paris For Pyramids Real Estate Development we will list everything about these offers and what are the advantages of Paris Mall and why investment inside the malls of Pyramids is considered the best winning investment for this year in the field of real estate development within the administrative capital.

Paris Mall in the MU23 area is considered the best mall in terms of many things:

  1. Services.
  2. Mall features.
  3. World classical designs.

Paris Mall New Capital is the fourth project of Pyramids Developments in the new administrative capital and has the first largest icy city within the entire capital.

For more information please call: 16547 – 01029864555

    Pyramids Developments

    Location of Paris Mall Pyramids

    Paris Mall is located in the best commercial area within the capital, the Mu23 area amid the best neighborhoods of the new administrative capital:

    • Business district.

    Paris Mall is located on the axis of hope and Paris square, which is a square on 3 main streets linking all major roads and make it clear that the project site is one of the best vital sites within the new administrative capital and is thus that the mall will see a large number of visitors.

    The Paris Mall site serves R2 and R3, the largest residential area with a population of 200,000 units.

    Paris Mall is located near the most important landmarks of the capital are:

    • Hospitals.
    • Schools and Universities.
    • Places of entertainment.
    • Olympic Village.
    • sport City.
    • Monorail Train Station.

    Area of ​​Paris Mall Pyramids

    The project is being built on a huge area estimated about 5 acres equivalent to 8.500 meters to the ground and 11 floors were allocated each role according to its purpose such as:

    1. Floor = Commercial.
    2. Round 4 = Medical.
    3. = Administrative role.

    To facilitate the requirements of visitors to the mall and not congestion.

    هشام الخولي

    What distinguishes Paris Mall Pyramids?

    Some say on the Paris project “Square Square Icon” because the mall is designed by a French construction with very distinct designs different from any other design you see within the new administrative capital.

    Paris Mall Services Pyramids

    In all its projects, Pyramids always cares about everything the customer cares about and Paris must be different from the other malls around it.

    Commercial role services

    1. The first ice village in the new administrative capital.
    2. 3 cinema halls equipped with the latest technology.
    3. 3 Kids Area.
    4. Close to the professor of the Republic.
    5. 3 huge food court rooms.

    Administrative role services

    1. External and internal advertising display.
    2. Meeting rooms to serve administrative offices.
    3. High speed internet services.
    4. Special places for staff resting.
    5. An area dedicated to making all kinds of drinks.
    6. Special reception to receive customers.

    Medical Role Services

    1. Special entries for each unit.
    2. customer service.
    3. High speed internet access.
    4. Places to rest.

    باريس مول العاصمة الادارية الجديدة

    Price meter Paris Mall Pyramids

    Paris is characterized by the best price per meter within the malls of the commercial area MU23 and the best payment system that suits all investors and those interested in a bright future and a quarter guaranteed within the malls of the new administrative capital.

    • Ground = 95,000 starts.
    • The first = 80,000 starts.
    • Second = 70,000 starts.
    • Third = starts 85.000 thousand.
    • The fourth = starts 45,000 thousand.
    • V = 40,000 starts.
    • VI = 35,000 starts.
    • Seventh = starts 35,000 thousand.
    • VIII = 35,000 starts.
    • IX = 35.000 thousand.
    • X = 35,000 thousand.
    • Eleven = 35,000 thousand.

    باريس مول العاصمة الادارية

    Spaces Paris Mall Pyramids

    The mall is considered to have all the different spaces starting from: 20 up to 150 m.

    Paris Mall New Capital

    New Paris Mall payment systems

    • Pay 20% down payment and the first installment.
    • Pyramids assumes for all its customers the collection of the rental value of the unit for a period of 5 years from the date of receipt.

    Pyramids Real Estate Development

    • El Tagammoa El Khames 90 Street – Behind Mo’men Bashar Supermarket.

    Previous work of Pyramids Contracting Company

    Her most important work outside Egypt was the development of the famous Louvre Museum among all the countries of the world and also the building of the French Parliament.

    Main business in Egypt:

    • La Capital Compound, the administrative capital.
    • Paris East Mall administrative capital.
    • Paris Mall, the administrative capital.
    • Grand Square Mall .
    • Champs Elysees Mall Administrative Capital.

    Many of the constructions that are known by their name only like the famous Holiday Hotel.

    باريس مول

    Businessman Hisham El Khouly Chairman of Pyramids

    Hesham El Kholy is known as a fan of work who always like to win and hate to defeat.

    Pyramids has revived the real estate sector by injecting millions of pounds and opening jobs for young people within the new administrative capital, which has led to the rise of the Egyptian economy.

    For more information please call: 16547 – 01029864555


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