Paris Mall new administrative capital

The fourth project from the French company Pyramids on the land of the administrative capital Paris Mall new administrative capital of the Paris series distinctive located in the best vital areas within the new administrative district MU23 area, which serves more than 250.000 thousand housing units The Paris Mall is located between the second residential district (R2) The third residential neighborhood (R3) is also known as the iconic square (Paris square) because it is designed with completely different designs from any commercial, administrative, medical mall you see inside the new administrative capital. Like the P plate Intention by the greatest engineers of the world in construction and engineering designs.

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    Paris Mall new administrative capital

    Paris Mall project capital

    Paris Mall has a truly strategic location which is considered to be the best commercial location on the entire administrative capital, MU23.

    Advantages of MU23 area:

    It is a fully administrative, medical, commercial area with lots of entertainment venues, capital attractions, universities, parks and parks.

    It is clear that this region is a successful investment.

    Paris Mall is located near the most important landmarks of the capital and is the exhibition grounds, which is known as the largest exhibition grounds around the world and will be a major tourist area and this provides the mall permanent profit and other as it is close to many vital places such as:

    • Hospitals.
    • Schools and Universities.
    • Places of entertainment.
    • Olympic Village.
    • sport City.
    • Monorail Train Station.

    Also nearby:

    • Business district.
    • Embassy District.
    • And the tallest tower in Africa.

    And a lot of vital places where the mall serves.



    Paris Mall is the administrative capital

    The project will be built on an area of ​​8.500 meters, ground and eleven floors and each floor has been allocated for a specific purpose to provide comfort for visitors and not to congest the mall.

    Customized floors:

    • Ground floor, first, second and third: commercial.
    • Fourth Floor: Medical.
    • Other roles: Administrative.

    With a wonderful roof rich in nature and tranquility and psychological comfort, which aims first staff and owners of the mall to also enjoy the various features of the mall and the charming atmosphere offered by Pyramids Real Estate Development Company within the Paris Mall of the new administrative capital.

    Advantages of Paris Mall administrative capital

    One of the services and advantages that make Paris an architectural icon and a symbol of strength between investors and projects of the new administrative capital is the first ice village within the capital and other features of the first inside the mall will show you what are the most important of these wonderful features.

    Main Features and Services:

    1. The first icy village in the capital.
    2. 3 cinema halls equipped with the latest equipment.
    3. 4 Kids Area.
    4. 3 huge food court.
    5. Close to the largest stadium in the Republic.
    6. About 250,000 housing units.



    Units spaces

    Areas vary widely within the mall starting from the first 20 meters only and up to 150 meters for commercial, administrative and medical.

    Payment systems

    The payment systems of Pyramids projects are considered the best in the administrative capital:

    1. 25% down payment / first installment with receipt.
    2. 30% down payment / first installment with receipt / 10% annual benefits.
    3. 5% down payment / after 3 months 5% / 8 years installment / 10% down payment.



    Pyramids Company

    It revitalized the real estate sector in Egypt when it started its first project in Egypt, La Capital, the administrative capital

    Otherwise, Pyramids has a precedent of literally huge and distinct business and is different from any other company in the field of real estate development inside or outside Egypt.

    The most important business of Pyramids

    It has built:

    1. Holiday Hotel.
    2. La Capital Compound, the administrative capital .
    3. Grand Square Mall .
    4. Champs Elysees Mall .
    5. Paris Mall .
    6. Paris East Mall .

    Developed by:

    1. The Louvre Museum in Paris.
    2. French Parliament.

    However, it has done a lot of outstanding residential and commercial construction.

    For all the details and reservation call: 16547 – 01012268500 : المقالة باللغة العربية