Paris East Mall new capital Egypt

Paris East Mall new capital Egypt, Pyramids announces the latest new malls within the administrative capital in the best strategic location near the most important neighborhoods of the capital and recreational and lively places.

Pyramids took us literally into the future, which Paris East Mall changed the concepts of residential and investment life inside Egypt, specifically the new administrative capital.

project site

The mall is located in the MU23 area, one of the best venues within the administrative capital between R2 and R3, close to the sports city, the Olympic city and the tallest tower in the whole of Africa.

The mall is built on the main axes and main roads between the axis of hope and the central axis linking the residential neighborhoods and the capital’s landmarks such as:

  • Government District.
  • Embassy District.

Spaces and payment systems Paris East Mall

The area of ​​commercial units starts from 20 m and up to 300 m

With the best payment systems and the longest repayment period of up to 10 years.

Paris East Mall New Capital - Pyramids Developments Call us now 16547
Paris East Mall New Capital – Pyramids Developments Call us now 16547

Paris East Mall

Features and services

Pyramids always offers many advantages that you can only see on its projects

To provide complete comfort for customers and visitors to the mall and excellence within the administrative capital.

The most important features of Paris Mall:

  1. Aquarium: The biggest dolphin and first performances within the new administrative capital.
  2. Food Court: It has the largest food area among the malls of the entire administrative capital.
  3. Roof Deck: Enjoy the tropical forests and scenic nature that placate the nerves. This paradise is located at the top of the mall to provide a pleasant atmosphere and enjoy a wonderful pure atmosphere free of noise.

Reservation of units

Booking at the newest Pyramids Mall in the capital began on August 18 and will open on August 28.

Start your business now and your winning investment in the administrative capital and initiate a reservation for only 30 thousand pounds

Unit delivery systems

All commercial units are delivered with half finished conch + marble with the highest quality and best price per meter within the capital.

The most important business of Pyramids

Pyramids has done a lot of successful work in the field of real estate development in Egypt and outside Egypt has revived the Egyptian market by pumping giant projects within the new administrative capital

The most important projects of the company

  1. Developed by the Louvre.
  2. French Parliament building.
  3. She built the Holiday Hotel.
  4. La Capital Capital Administrative.
  5. Grand Square Mall.
  6. Champs Elysees Mall.
  7. Paris Mall.

And countless outstanding projects.

If you want a better income and a successful investment life.

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