Champs Elysees Pyramids

Champs Elysees Pyramids

French aesthetic touch in the new administrative capital The third project of Pyramids after La Capital and Grand Square Mall It is time for a new project that changes the concepts of commercial life and investment secured inside Egypt and specifically within the administrative capital of Champs Elysees In the area of ​​the Seventh Neighborhood (R7) distinguished.

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    محلات تجارية بالعاصمة الجديدة

    The site of the Champs Elysees Mall, the new administrative capital

    Pyramids has made sure that the project site is one of the most important features of Champs Elysees Mall located in the best commercial areas within the new administrative capital in the financial and business district within the 7th residential district R7 which is characterized by many wonderful features.

    Advantager of 7th District:

    1. Close to all the capital’s landmarks.
    2. Vital places.
    3. Business districts.
    4. Recreational places.
    5. Universities.
    6. Medical City.
    7. governments.

    The Champs Elysees Mall project is located directly in front of the Presidential Palace and on the main axis of the administrative capital.

    • Bin Zayed South axis.


    • Fairgrounds.
    • Capital International Airport.

    The area of ​​the Champs Elysees Mall is the new administrative capital

    The project will be built on a huge area of ​​8.500 cubic meters consisting of ground and seven floors and the floors in all the malls of Pyramids Company have been allocated according to its purpose to save time and effort for visitors and not crowded the mall.

    Customize the floors of the Champs Elysees Mall:

    1. Ground floor, first and second: commercial.
    2. Other roles: administrative and medical.

    Champs Elysees Mall is a project that occupies a prominent place within the administrative capital and is truly a dream for everyone seeking to invest in the new administrative capital.

    مول العاصمة الادارية الجديدة

    Features of the Champs Elysees Mall New Capital

    Pyramids executing the Champs Elysees Mall project has been keen to offer multiple features and services that may be the only one in the malls of the entire administrative capital within Champs Elysees Mall.

    Advantager of Champs Elysees Mall:

    1. The Aqua Park is huge.
    2. Mobile Theater.
    3. Recreational areas.
    4. The mall is on a 20 acre park.

    Many of the great features, designs and engineering creativity under the name Pyramids are expanding.

    اسعار محلات العاصمه الاداريه

    The new administrative capital of the Champs Elysees Mall

    Champs Elysees Mall is a huge commercial, administrative and medical edifice that is considered the largest in the new administrative capital.

    Price per meter within the Champs Elysees Mall of the new administrative capital

    Prices vary according to each unit in terms of view and location within the mall

    • Ground floor: starts from 100,000 to 110,000.
    • First round: starts from 90,000 to 100,000.
    • Second: starts from 80,000 to 90,000.
    • Third to seventh round: starts from 50,000 to 80,000.
    • For external space: the price per meter 40.000 thousand.

    محلات للايجار بالعاصمة الادارية

    Payment Systems Champs Elysees Mall New Administrative Capital

    Pyramids projects have the best payment systems and the cheapest price per meter within the capital between all the projects of the capital and a strong competitor among investors and is considered a symbol of beauty between these projects and the best payment systems among them:

    • 25% and the first installment after receipt.
    • 5% down payment and the rest over 8 years without interest.

    About Pyramids

    Pyramids always strives for the best in terms of engineering innovation and architectural designs extremely in sophistication, the company was founded about 20 years ago and has provided many successful projects and has a high name in the sky of real estate development inside and outside Egypt.

    It has revived the real estate sector by pumping giant projects within the administrative capital, namely:

    1. Compound La Capital New Capital .
    2. Grand Square Mall New Capital.
    3. Champs Elysees Mall New Capital.
    4. Paris Mall new administrative capital.
    5. Paris East Mall New Capital.

    Who owns Pyramids

    • Professor: Hisham El Khouly.
    • Professor: Alaa Al-Kholi.

    Some of the most important work of Pyramids Company outside Egypt has developed:

    1. The Louvre Museum in Paris.
    2. French Parliament.

    Champs Elysees Mall – Capital City is your way to a distinguished investment life

    For all the details and reservation call: 1654701012268500 : المقالة باللغة العربية