o west orascom

O West Orascom

Who doesn’t know El Gouna… !? It is the most beautiful tourist city integrated services and advantages inside Egypt teeming with life, luxury and nature. All this charm was built by Engineer Samih Sawiris, but not only that he has established a residential compound to accommodate the project El Gouna within the 6th of October as O West Orascom, the newest projects Orascom rich About the definition, a new concept of residential life with hotel features I created an icon of architecture within the city of Hurghada and built an architectural masterpiece within the 6th of October.

O West is a project that is able to compete with all other projects and wins with ease, it has been professionally designed in terms of everything:

  1. View more than 80% of the total land area.
  2. The best price per meter in October.
  3. The best payment system for everyone.
  4. All services and benefits within the project.
  5. Fashionable designs.

Orascom has taken care of all the amenities within the project to serve as a beacon of life and luxury within 6 October.

For more information and reservations call:  16547  –  01012268500

    o west october
    o west october

    Project site O West Orascom

    Orascom is always interested in the site in all its projects and has chosen for its new project or West in the best vital strategic location within the 6th of October, near the main roads and the main axes on the Oasis Road.

    The location of Compound O West will keep you close to all the vital services and places in Greater Cairo.

    Location is close to:

    • Sun Capital Compound .
    • Touristic city – the Great Egyptian Museum.
    • 5 minutes to Ring Road.
    • 3 minutes to Mall of Egypt.
    • 5 minutes to Juhayna Square.
    • 5 minutes to the regional ring leading to the pyramids and the new administrative capital.

    مشروع o west اوراسكوم
    مشروع o west اوراسكوم

    O West Orascom project space

    The largest October project ever to be built on an area of ​​1000 acres, was allocated only 20% of the area of ​​the project for residential construction and the rest of the landscape and services equivalent to 800 acres of green space and services to provide privacy and distinctive residential life within the new O West project by Orascom Real Estate.

    O West 6 October is characterized by the plot of land on which it is raised above the sea level by 50 meters, to provide fresh air and view view more wonderful.

    كمبوند o west

    O West Services Orascom

    Inspired by the famous city of El Gouna, the O West 6 October project should be located within a spectacular and full service area.

    The main features of the project or West Orascom:

    1. Landscape and parks.
    2. Trac for riding stairs.
    3. Track to run.
    4. swimming pool.
    5. Industrial lakes.
    6. Recreational areas.
    7. Club on an area of ​​35 acres.
    8. C and Spa.
    9. Free private cars inside the compound for free.
    10. International schools and universities.
    11. hospital.
    12. Medical Clinics.
    13. Restaurants and cafes.
    14. Shopping mall.
    15. Security around the clock.

    Westown compound

    Spaces vary widely within the OW 6th of October project may be literally enormous, Orascom has been interested in the multiplicity of spaces and designs within the compound and concerned that there is no housing unit like the other in form or design or even space, everything is different within this huge project.

    Residential Spaces:

    • Apartment areas start from 134 meters to 310 meters.
    • Townhouse: 195 m.
    • Twin house: 247 meters.
    • Standlon: starting from 207 meters to 512 meters.

    Commercial Spaces:

    • Office space starts from 86 m to 300 m
    • Standelone: ​​1478 meters.
    • Twin: 630 m.

    Types of finishing project units or West

    Orascom is always interested in all its projects in every detail within the project and has been concerned with the finest and finest finishes in its new project or West 6 October.

    Residential finishes.

    1. Earth marble.
    2. Alumental.
    3. HDF.
    4. The bathrooms are glory.

    Commercial Finishes:

    1. Internal red top.

    اسعار o west

    The owner of the project O West 6 October

    Provider of this huge project, one of the largest companies in Egypt Orascom, rich in definition, was founded 30 years ago and is by far the best in the field of real estate development.

    Top 10 Orascom Businesses

    • She built the city of Undermatt in Sucera.
    • Within London the Montenegro project.
    • Residential and administrative projects in Oman and UAE.
    • Developed an area of ​​50 million cubic meters.
    • It has also developed 24 tourist hotels at the highest level.
    • The city of El Gouna in Hurghada.
    • Taba Heights Hurghada.
    • Makadi Heights Resort Hurghada.
    • Fayoum Day.
    • Nile Towers City Corniche.

    The most important and major event is the O West 6 October project, which is considered the first project of the company in Cairo and they have hired inside the most important international companies in engineering designs.

    • OK is the largest engineering design company in the world.
    • EDSA is the largest landscape and landscape design company in the entire Middle East.

    Or West October project is not the usual residential life concepts

    October Artistic Icon

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    For more information and reservations call:  16547  –  01012268500

      website : https://www.orascomowest.com