Elmondo Compound Rafco Company

ilmondo Compound Rafco Company

When we talk about the administrative capital comes to mind many ideas and projects at competitive prices, but the project that we will talk about today is different from all the capital projects because it features the best services and designs and the cheapest price per meter within the new administrative capital compound ilmondo Compound Rafco Company designs very beautiful and bright colors that make you feel at first sight of delight as the company incorporated Ravco charming nature and colors in the designs of residential units and the entire project to make you feel that you are inside a distinct residential compound has nothing like it or anything else.

ilmondo Compound

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    Location of the compound ilmondo company Rafco

    The project is located in the best residential area within the capital, the famous R7, which has all the services and places distinctive and around all the landmarks of the new administrative capital. Residential density that is famous for the seventh neighborhood

    The project location is also close to:

    1. Green River.
    2. Central Park.
    3. New Capital International Airport.
    4. Government District.

    The most important distinguishing ILMondo New Capital from the rest of the capital projects is that it is located at the highest level in the R7 by about 10 meters from the rest of the other projects.

    company Rafco

    Area of ​​compound ilmondo company Rafco

    The compound is built on an area of ​​23 acres divided into only 18% of the total area of ​​residential construction and the rest of the landscape and services to provide complete privacy between the residential units and provide a noise-free atmosphere and full of tranquility and tranquility.

    il Mundo Compound Services

    Ravco is always known for providing all the convenience of customers to provide all the services in their projects in terms of wonderful designs and commercial and entertainment services.

    The most important features of the Mondo project

    It is considered a full service compound with:

    • Industrial lakes.
    • Land scape.
    • Club House.
    • club.
    • Trak for running and Trak for riding stairs.
    • Restaurants and cafes.
    • Commercial area.
    • C and Spa.
    • swimming pool.
    • Kids Area.
    • Security around the clock.

    In addition, there is a large stone wall surrounding all directions of the project with the presence of 3 main gates to enter the compound and there are on these gates guard 24 hours at the highest levels of protection to provide an atmosphere of tranquility within the project.

    il Mundo new capital

    Spaces Compound ILMondo

    Ravco provided many advantages within the project in addition to a large number of residential spaces ranging from 160 m up to 225 m, all international designs and in addition you can divide the housing unit as you like.

    Start from one room to 4 rooms.

    • 80 m / studio.
    • 115 m to 145 m / 2 rooms.
    • 160 m to 225 m / 3 rooms.

    il Mundo

    The price of a meter Compound ILMondo new administrative capital

    The project is characterized by the best payment system and the cheapest price per meter, starting price per meter: 9.100 and up to almost 12.000 semi finished or fully finished.

    Compound IL Mondo payment system

    0% with no down payment and installment over 10 years without interest and equal payments. This system is considered as the best payment system within the entire administrative capital projects in addition to the distinctive project features.

    Rafco Company il mondo

    Rafco Company

    Rafco is considered one of the best companies in the field of Egyptian real estate development headed by the rich engineer Mr. Rami Fares, who achieved victories in this field.

    The company is currently expanding in Egypt and other Arab countries to establish new residential cities to raise the Egyptian economy after it survived in Compound ILMondo Phase 1, which has sold more than half of the entire project, which led to the full confidence of customers to deal with Rafco Real Estate Development.

    • The company has hired the largest engineering consultancy offices to design the project.
    • She also hired a DNA office known as Dar Al Mimar to manage the project.
    • It has contracted with Projacs International, one of the world’s leading mega-project management companies, to provide all the comfort within the compound in the long run.

    Today I announced the opening of the third phase of the project with fictional divisions as explained above in this article.

    The most important work of Rafco

    Everyone knows the “Build Your Apartment” initiative, which has been a success in the field of real estate by providing opportunities for young people to own a high-end housing unit at half the prices of the Egyptian market. Real Estate Investment.

    Today, the company planned to create a compound within the most prestigious residential areas in Egypt, the new administrative capital known as El Mundo, and we explained above to draw a distinct future life and diversity among the capital projects that have become similar to each other.

    Photos of some finishes for the project ilmondo new administrative capital


    ilmondo new administrative capital

    ilmondo new capital

    Achieve your dream, and book your unit at the cheapest price per meter and full of services and wonderful features
    il Mondo life you deserve

    For more information and reservations call:  16547  –  01012268500

    Project site: www.ilmondonewcapital.com

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