Atika New Capital

Atika New Capital

New Plan For Investment & Real Estate Development Atika New Capital Project is a project that is not the usual residential life concepts inside Egypt as a full-service compound and features all the requirements of residential life with the best Italian designs and the biggest engineering minds in the Middle East.

But today we will be talking about the second launch of the project of New Plané Attica in partnership with the Italian company Lamborghini – the world’s most prestigious car manufacturer, Lamborghini.

Eng. Walid Khalil, Chairman of New Plan for Real Estate Development, said that the company has contracted with the international company Lamborghini to design residential units in terms of decorations, mattresses and everything in residential or commercial units to make the entire project inside the capital a very beautiful architectural icon with Italian designs From a global company.

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    كمبوند اتيكا العاصمة الادارية

    ATICA Capital Project

    The location of the project Atika of the best geographical locations within the new administrative capital is located in the seventh residential district R7 G10 on the main central axis and the compound is located on the most important landmarks of the capital are:

    • Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ.
    • Al Massa Hotel.
    • International Fairgrounds.
    • Opera House.
    • parliament building.

    This makes the compound very distinctive in the vital location that surrounds all the landmarks of the capital or in other words the most important landmarks of the new administrative capital.

    New Plan is always amazed in all its projects that it cares about every detail or small to make customers happy and feel the excellence that they are inside one of the projects of New Plan Real Estate.

    The location is also near compounds:

    1. Intrada .
    2. Midtown Sky .

    The main feature of Compound Atika New Capital is that it is located on the central axis, which is exposed to 90 cubic meters and includes the end of the regional and central ring road.

    كمبوند اتيكا العاصمة الادارية

    Area of ​​the administrative capital Attica

    The project is being built on an area of ​​35 acres divided as follows:

    1. 17% residential construction.
    2. 83% down scheme services.

    To make the compound rich in green balloon and nature that give nerve to the nerves. New Plan has been interested in the finest details in the interiors of residential and commercial units more than 90% of the project on the views of the landscape and view more wonderful.

    Areas of the administrative capital Attica project

    There are many residential areas in the project in great variety to suit all tastes.

    The most important areas spread within the project:

    1. 110 m / 2 rooms.
    2. 139 m to 160 m – 3 rooms.
    3. 180 m to 213 m – 3 rooms.
    4. 140 m to 231 m – duplex.

    Compound Atika New Capital

    Type A

    • 3-room unit 180 meters (4 units on the floor) – 180 meters (3 bedrooms + living)3 penthouses start from 221 to 229 meters.

    Atika New Capital

    Type B

    • 3-room unit 160 meters (4 units on the floor) – 160 meters (master bedroom with clothes)3 penthouses start from 200 m.
    • Starting from 165 m to 191 m average price 19,000 m / two apartments 98 m.

    اسعار كمبوند اتيكا

    Type C

    • 3-room unit is 140 meters (5 units on the floor) – 140 meters3 penthouses start from 185 to 211 meters.
    • One room unit (6 units on the floor) – 70 m Studio.

    Atika compound new capital

    Type D

    • Two-room unit (6 units on the floor) – 110 m.

    كمبوند اتيكا

    Attica Capital Project Services

    • Prime location in front of a central park and the main income of the 7th district R7.
    • 3 artificial lakes.
    • Club House.
    • Trak for running and Trak for riding stairs.
    • Shopping mall.
    • swimming pool.
    • Restaurants and cafes.
    • Golf area.
    • Recreational areas.
    • Alternative Energy Systems.

    Payment systems of the Attica Capital Project

    • No down payment and installment over 5 years – equal installments.
    • 10% down payment and the rest over 7 years – equal sections.

    What is the price of the Attica meter project

    Start from: 13.500 to 16.000

    Prices Atika Compound Capital

    • 70 m building 23 – 24 starting price: 13,500 – 16.000.
    • 110 meters building 26 – 27 starting price: 13.500 – 15.500
    • 140 m Building 11, 12,13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 19, 20, 22 Initial price: 13,500 – 15,500
    • 160 m built 4 – 10 starting price: 14.000 – 16.000
    • 180 meter building 9 – 2 starting price: 14.500 – 16.000

    New Plan

    What is the finishing of the residential units of the Attica Capital Project?

    C / fully finished Super Lux kitchen.

    What is the date of receipt of housing units for the project Atika administrative capital?

    C / receipt after 4 years from the date of contract / 2023

    New Plan Company Address

    Raya Tower next to the air hospital ninety St. Fifth Avenue

    New Plan Developments

    New Plan

    The newest and most famous projects at the moment is the compound of the new administrative capital Atika in other words some say the icon of the R7.

    There are many areas of New Plan Real Estate such as:

    1. Field of categories.
    2. Oil field.
    3. Cargo ships.
    4. And some other investments within Dubai.

    New Plan has recently made significant investments in Egypt worth about 8 billion Egyptian pounds.

    It has many successful residential and commercial projects within Egypt in:

    1. Sharm El-Shaikh.
    2. The administrative capital.

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    New Plan

    1. Serrano Compound.
    2. Compound Atika.
    3. Eleven Mall is within the business and financial district.

    Owners of New Plan Real Estate

    1. Mohammad Rashed.
    2. Yousef Siddiq.
    3. حسين همام Free Membership.
    4. وليد المنصوب خليل Free Membership.

    Walid Al-Mansoub Khalil is the owner of Al-Rashed Contracting Company, one of the most important construction companies in Saudi Arabia.

    One of the most important work of Al Rashed Contracting Company

    • Ministry of Health building in Riyadh.
    • Al Bateem Towers.
    • Almarai Company in Saudi Arabia.


    Atika Compound is a painting inside the new administrative capital

    For more information call 16547 –  01289397910


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