Palm Hills New Cairo

Palm Hills New Cairo

Palm Hills Development has built a masterpiece inside New Cairo under the name Palm Hills New Cairo, the most luxurious residential project that has received a high demand from customers and investors as well as distinguish between all competing projects within the Cairo area New in terms of:

  1. Geographical location.
  2. Fashionable global designs.
  3. Precedent for supervisory work of the company.
  4. The best payment system.
  5. The best price for the meter inside the Fifth Avenue.

Palm Hills Compound is also characterized by full services and facilities PALM HILLS has been interested in all its projects with all the requirements of customers in terms of services and benefits provided within each project and may be the first on the land of Egypt has become Palm Hills among the list of the best companies for development Real Estate inside Egypt for 2019.

For more information and reservations call:  16547  –  01012268500

    Location Palm Hills New Cairo

    Location Palm Hills New Cairo
    Location Palm Hills New Cairo

    The geographical location of the project is one of the best locations within the Fifth Avenue in that it is close to lively and entertainment places and away from the crowded places to enjoy the atmosphere full of calm and sophistication and urbanization to give you the greatest relaxation.

    Palm Hills Tagamoa location is close to:

    1. 10 minutes to American University.
    2. 10 minutes to the new administrative capital.
    3. Close to Mountain View City.
    4. my city.
    Palm Hills Tagamoa location
    Palm Hills Tagamoa location

    The project is located on the main main roads:

    1. Middle Ring Road.
    2. Second Ring Road.

    A picture of the site of the Palm Hills project Fifth Avenue

    Palm Hills project Fifth Avenue
    Palm Hills project Fifth Avenue

    Palm Hills New Cairo

    The project is built on a huge area of ​​500 acres about 1.2 million square meters which is a distinct area for an integrated residential project is not small and all housing units close to each other or so large you feel that you live alone within the compound Own customers to enjoy comfort and privacy even in their own services.

    The total area of ​​the project was divided as follows:

    1. 80% villas.
    2. 20% apartments.

    The construction area of ​​the project was divided as follows:

    1. 80% services and landscape.
    2. 20% for residential construction.

    This means that the entire project is considered as vast green spaces and artificial lakes to enjoy the high-end residential life free of pollution and congestion between the residential units and services that serve on the compound.

    Palm Hills New Cairo

    Palm Hills New Cairo

    More than half of the compound area is considered as the services and advantages provided by Palm Hills in its project Palm Hills Fifth Avenue and thus must be services as our return Palm hills developments in all its projects to be integrated services in the full sense of the word.

    The most important services and advantages in Palm Hills Compound:

    • Sport club.
    • Club House.
    • International Schools.
    • Commercial area.
    • Restaurants and cafes.
    • swimming pool.
    • Industrial lakes.
    • Land scape.
    • Recreational areas for children.
    • Track to run.
    • Trac for riding stairs.
    • Security.

    Palm Hills Compound

    Palm Hills New Cairo

    For a limited time only Palm Hills offers to receive your apartment without a down payment and installment over 10 years without interest in equal installments

    This is the best real estate offer announced by one of the best real estate developers in Egypt such as Palm Hills Development Company

    Palm Hills

    Prices of Palm Hills New Cairo

    • 2 rooms – 150 m = 2.550.000.
    • 2 rooms + garden 60 m = 2.800.000.
    • 3 rooms – 160 m = 2.700.000.
    • 3 rooms + garden 70 m = 3.200.000.
    • 4 rooms – 221 m = 3.700.000.
    • 4 rooms + garden 85 m = 4.200.000.
    • Family house – 202 m + garden 234 = 5.850.000.
    • Family house – 202 m + penthouse 48 m = 5.500.000.
    • Twin House – 297 m = 8.850.000.
    • Villas – starting from 254 m to 770 m = start at 8.500.000.

    Palm Hills New Cairo

    Palm Hills New Cairo

    The units will be delivered during the year 2021.

    Palm Hills, Compounds

    Palm Hills Real Estate Development

    The company was established in 2005 and since its inception is the first in this field cooperated in the beginning with the company Mansour and Maghreb for investment and development and then spread in the field of real estate development to an unexpected degree and its name was spread on the Egyptian Stock Exchange and London.

    Since that day the name Palm Hills company has become well known in the field of real estate and became the company’s name from the list of the largest and the largest current companies in the Egyptian market.

    Yasser Mansour.

    A photo of the engineer Yasser Mansour

    Yasser Mansour

    Some pictures of the project divisions



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    بالم هيلز القاهرة الجديدة

    Company address Palm Hills

    1. El Tagammoa El Khames – El Tesaeen El Ganouby St. After Town Down.
    2. El Sheikh Zayed – Inside Palm Hills Compound.
    3. Zamalek – In Front Of Fish Garden – 1 El Kamal Mohamed St.

    Location Map Palm Hills New Cairo

    Location Map Palm Hills New Cairo

    For more information and reservations call:  16547  –  01012268500


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