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Golden Yard New Capital

Golden Yard New Compound New Capital:

Golden Yard New Compound New Capital Marseilia Group is offering a new compound under the name of (Owning gold) in the most prestigious New district, which distinguish this project from others because it is relatively higher than the rest of the capital, making it the best and most beautiful View in the New capital.

Project Location Golden Yard New Capital:

Located in the residential district of R7, the Golden Yard is one of the finest and most prestigious districts of the New capital, close to:

  • Green River.
  • Almassa Hotel.
  • El Safarat District.
  • Governmental Quarter.
  • Close to the Presidential Palace.
  • Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ.
  • Abdul Fattah Al – Alim Mosque.
  • Exhibition Ground.
  • The Diplomatic Quarter.

It is surrounded by large main streets, which makes the complex in a strategic location for the excellence, privacy and safety surrounding the project:

  • In front of the project a street with a width of 90 m.
  • Behind the project a street with a width of 70 m.
  • Right of the street project with a width of 35 m.
  • Left street width 35 m.

Golden Yard New Capital

Area of ​​Compound Golden Yard New Capital District: 

The project is located on an area of ​​42 acres.

Ground floor, 7 floors frequent / 2 entrance 2 elevators – 3 elevators.

And always know Marseilia Group is always concerned with the convenience of the customer has been allocated

80% of the project area services and LandScape to provide comfort and well-being for all family members.

Golden Yard is a project that includes all the strengths of construction, services and international designs.

Golden Yade Project Management City :

complex is designed to offer everything you love and meet all your needs with all the services and features that may be in this condom only.

 Project Services

  • Shopping mall.
  • Land scape.
  • Track for running and riding grades.
  • Parks and Parks.
  • Industrial lakes.
  • Recreation areas.
  • Waterfalls.
  • Club House.
  • Medical Clinics.
  • swimming pool.
  • dancing fountain.
  • Incubation.
  • A huge club.
  • Restaurants and Cafes.
  • Private Garages Below Residential Units (Under Ground).
  • Security and guarding around the clock.

Compound has all the successful standards in construction and services project will be named over the capital of the New capital.

Housing Units in Golden Yard :

The project offers many spaces suitable for all markets.

  • ISLA :160 m – 170 m – 210 m – 215 m – 225 m – 235 m – 240 m – 250 m – 225 m – 260 m.
  • ODION :95 m – 140 m – 150 – 165 – 170 m – 180 m – 185 m – 305 m.
  • KERA :120 m – 140 m – 165 m – 180 m.
  • IXORA :175 m – 180 m – 185 m – 195 m – 200 m – 210 m – 220 m – 230 m – 235 m.

All the spaces are divided into a great division for all residential units:

  • 2 rooms + 2 bathrooms / area (95 m to 140 m).
  • 3 bedrooms + 2 bathrooms / area (160 m to 185 m).
  • 3 bedrooms + 3 bathrooms + dining room / living area (150 m to 305 m).

All units are semi finished with the possibility of finishing before receiving one year with the best raw materials known in the world of real estate development.

Golden Yard New Capital

Royal Yard Company  :

  • Marseilia Group.

Rich from the definition of the giants of real estate development in Egypt.

She has done many successful works in construction, services and classic modern designs.

Marseilia Group includes:

  • Marseilia Company.
  • Misr for Investment and Urban Development.

A strong alliance to create a compound changes the concepts of luxury housing in Egypt.

The most important business of Marseilia Group:

  • Marseilia Resort 1,2.
  • Marseilia Resort, Matrouh.
  • The life of Marseilia.
  • Blue Bay Asia.
  • Marseilia Beach 1,2,3.

And many of the outstanding works, which made the name of Marseilia rise in the world of real estate development in Egypt.


(Owned Gold)

A project designed to provide everything you dream aboutGolden Yard New Capital

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