Majada Sokhna Iwan Company

When the magical atmosphere harmonizes with the fresh air, the architectural masterpiece Majada Resort creates the finest project in Ain Sokhna with the best geographical location on the Red Sea. Huge in the next lines.

For more information and reservations call:  16547  –  01012268500

    Location of Majada Sokhna Iwan Company

    Ewan has been interested in its new project Majada Resort with the most wonderful geographical location The project is close to:

    • 126 km from New Cairo.
    • 118 km from the new capital .
    • 46 km before Zafarana.
    • 30 km away from Ain Sokhna Port (Stella di Mare area).
    • 8 km before Porto Sokhna.
    • 5 km after IL Monte Galala.
    • 3 km after New Galala City Marina.

    The location is characterized by preference among all the projects of Ain Sokhna because it is the first compound on the charming mountain of Galala and close to all the distinct places inside Ain Sokhna, but there is no need to get out of this project because it will soon become the landmarks of Ain Sokhna and the whole of Egypt from the many wonderful features and innovative designs classic international.

    Area of Majada Sokhna Iwan Company

    The project is located on an area of ​​100 acres divided into 10 acres beach on the sea and 90 acres of residential units, but in an innovative way built on Mount Galala to see the whole sea and the most beautiful view The project is also characterized by being above sea level from a height of 15 meters and a height of up to 170 m terraced runway to maintain the distance of the residential units to be fully private jurisprudence among all residential units within the resort Majada Ain Sokhna.

    The project consists of:


    • room.
    • Two rooms.
    • 3 rooms.
    • Duplex.

    Twin House & Standlon

    • Classic Designs.
    • Modern Designs.

    Residential areas within the Majada project

    Chalets area

    1. Start from 65 m to 70 m – one room.
    2. Starting from 95 m to 120 m – two rooms.
    3. Start from 110 m to 170 m – 3 rooms.
    4. Starting from 170 m to 230 m – duplex.

    Twin House Space

    1. Start from 160 m on the land of 220 m.
    2. Start from 190 m on the land of 220 m.

    Standlone space

    1. Start from 250 m on land 310 m.
    2. 367 m Start from on the land of 430 m.
    3. Start from 515 m on the land of 740 m.

    Prices of Majada Resort Ain Sokhna

    1. Chalets: starting from 1.400.000 million.
    2. Twin House: starting from 4.400.000 million.
    3. STANDLON: Starting from 5.800.000 million.

    Services of Majada Resort Ain Sokhna

    The Majada Resort project is the latest project of Iwan and as a precedent the company should be complete in everything in terms of designs, geographical location and countless services.

    Top 20 Advantages within Majada Resort:

    1. Boutique hotel.
    2. Project Center.
    3. Club House.
    4. Beach Lagoon.
    5. Stidge at the sea.
    6. Artificial lakes.
    7. Land scape.
    8. Aqua park.
    9. Jogging and riding trails.
    10. Art Gallery.
    11. Special areas for yoga sports.
    12. Dive activities.
    13. Cruises and fishing.
    14. A huge shopping mall.
    15. Restaurants and cafes.
    16. Hypermarket.
    17. Medical Clinics.
    18. Radiology laboratories and units.
    19. The compound is monitored by cameras.
    20. Security around the clock.

    Majada Resort Payment Systems

    The best payment system fits all levels and the lowest price per meter between all Ain Sokhna projects I pay 10% and the rest on 9 years without interest.

    Address of Ewan – Iwan

    1. Dokki / 42 Micheal Bakhoum St. / Shooting Club.
    2. Dokki / Villa 3 Micheal Bakhoum / Shooting Club.
    3. Villa For Sale in El Sheikh Zayed City

    Ewan Company

    Ewan was established 15 years ago to create projects that are distinguished by excellence, engineering innovation and outstanding advantages. It is one of the best companies in the field of real estate development in Egypt.

    One of the most important work of Ewan Company

    • Apartment For Sale in El Sheikh Zayed City
    • Gedar.
    • Neighborhood project.
    • Alma.
    • Veda.
    • Atrio.
    • The Access 6 of October.

    Its latest project is the Majada resort icon Ain Sokhna

    Photos Majada Sokhna

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    For more information and reservations call:  16547  –  01012268500

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