iwan development

iwan development

What are Iwan’s most important projects?

When looking for a company with a business history comes to mind companies that are very popular such as Iwan, whose name is known to anyone interested in the field of Egyptian real estate development.

Implemented 27 housing projects

10 administrative and commercial projects

And many coastal projects inside and outside Egypt

    Majada Resort Ain Sokhna

    The most important projects:

    1. Gera Project October 6.
    2. Gedar North Coast.
    3. Neighborhood 6th of October.
    4. Alma Sheikh Zayed.
    5. Project Vidya Dubai.
    6. Atrio Sheikh Zayed.
    7. The Access 6 of October.
    8. Majada Resort Ain Sokhna.

    Where's iwan address

    Where’s iwan address

    It has 3 main branches located:

    1. Dokki / 42 Micheal Bakhoum St. / Shooting Club.
    2. Dokki / Villa 3 Micheal Bakhoum / Shooting Club.
    3. Villa For Sale in El Sheikh Zayed City

    Iwan Company phone number

    Hotline: 16547

    Iwan Investment & Development Projects

    iwan has achieved tremendous successes over recent years. It has created charming resorts and outstanding residential projects that have changed the usual understanding of residential life in Egypt.

    iwan has emerged for more than 17 years and we are very knowledgeable and efficient in the field of Egyptian real estate development.

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