Kenz compound First Group

Kenz compound First Group

One of the new projects in October 6 that began to be defined as the finest residential areas in Egypt. The Kenz compound of the First Group Company, which is rich in definition in the field of Egyptian real estate development.

  1. Dynamic geographic location.
  2. Services.
  3. Wonderful view.
  4. Modern classic designs.
  5. The cheapest price per square meter, although it is full of many features.

Today, we will explain all these features to you in this article.

For more information and reservations, call:  16547  –  01012268500

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    Kenz Compound October 6 site

    The project is located on Fayoum Road near the new tourist capital, which in the future will be the new capital of Egypt, which links the Pyramids of Giza to October. The geographical location of the project is also characterized by being close to:

    • Shooting field.
    • Ring road.
    • Oasis Road.
    • July 26 axis.
    • Mall of Egypt.
    • Media Production City.

    What all this provides is that the project surrounds all the entertainment and lively places and is close to the most important main roads, so as to provide all means of comfort. The First Group Company Project, Kenz October Compound

    كمبوند كنز

    October 6 treasure compound area

    The project takes place on an area of ​​30 acres consisting of 22% of residential construction and the rest of the land scape and services, providing customers with an atmosphere free from noise and congestion within the project and providing green spaces for a wonderful view.

    كمبوند كنز اكتوبر

    The Kenz Compounds are the first group company

    First Group has provided many advantages within the project and different areas with a large number starting from 110 meters and reaching 245 meters and there is also an immediate delivery.

    Kenz Compound October

    The price per meter Kenz Compound October

    One of the most important advantages of the project is that it is characterized by the cheapest price per square meter in the October region, starting from only 9500 thousand.

    Compound Kenz

    Compound Kenz

    Kenz Company services for First Group Company

    One of the most important features of the project is that it is full of services and great benefits that made it all the requirements of clients and investors.

    Among the most important features of the project:

    • Garages down buildings.
    • Asancirat from garage to roof.
    • A 12,000 sq m commercial mall.
    • Sport club.
    • Green spaces.
    • Land scape.
    • Industrial lakes.
    • A high wall surrounding the project.
    • Security and guard around the clock.
    • Modern destinations.

    First Group’s treasure payment system

    Payment systems are one of the most important things that customers seek and the company provided in the treasure project a more than wonderful payment system which is one of the most important features of the project.

    I pay only 25% and receive immediate and the remaining 10 years equal installments without interest.

    Finishing October Compound Kenz

    Semi finished:

    1. conch.
    2. Apartment door Mussafah.
    3. Adaptations for adaptations.
    4. A major connection to drainage, water and electricity.
    5. Central shower.
    6. Intercom.

    مشروع كنز اكتوبر

    First Group Company

    The first group company in the field of Egyptian real estate development is distinguished because all of its projects are considered one of the largest projects that are executed with perfect mastery and the most important of these projects are:

    1. Kazan Plaza Mall.
    2. Treasure Mall.
    3. Kenz Compound.

    For more information and reservations, call:  16547  –  01012268500

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