Uptown Cairo Emaar Egypt

Uptown Cairo Emaar Misr

Emaar Misr has become the roof of its ambition not only the first in the field of real estate within Egypt and the city of Dubai, but aspires to be the first in the world in the field of real estate development among all countries because its projects have become very distinguished and compete with all companies and projects around them with confidence, aspire to be the best because The company has a different thinking and innovation than its competitors in the same field and activity We will talk today about a very beautiful project in the sense of the word Uptown Cairo Emaar Misr attracts many customers from Asma only and investors

The name of Emaar Egypt has become a success in everything that has always risen towards the services that There are no like her when you start evil Of such great age to build a residential project in Egypt must be a project.

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    موقع كمبوند UP Town Cairo

    UP Town Cairo

    The location of the compound up Cairo affiliated to the business of Egypt rich from definition among all countries very briefly considered that the heart of Greater Cairo specifically in the area of ​​Mokattam close to:

    • Maadi.
    • Heliopolis.
    • Nasr City.

    Uptown Cairo is considered as an integrated residential city in the full sense of the word with all the services and benefits that serve the entire compound as in the rest of the previous company projects do not miss the company Emaar Egypt anything that the customer wants in the unit alone or inside the compound even if something small except I am inside Their projects.

    UP Town Cairo is the highest residential compound in the whole of Egypt.

    اب تاون المقطم

    Uptown Cairo Emaar Misr

    The project is built on a huge area and literally distinct project is being built on an area of ​​1200 acres equivalent to 5.4 million square meters, but the allocation of buildings of this vast area only 12% and the rest of the landscape and services to provide the highest quality and upscale and quiet residential life in your residential unit in the Uptown project of Emaar Egypt is one of the best companies in the entire real estate development market

    The project is also characterized by linking all the main roads such as:

    1. 6th of October Bridge.
    2. Ring road.
    3. The axis of the martyr.

    Advantages of Uptown Cairo Emaar Misr

    Uptown is the largest residential community with

    ازاى اروح اب تاون كايرو

    Emaar Egypt also contains all the services and advantages that made the project a distinctive name within Mokattam Area.

    The most important features of Uptown:

    • Golf courses.
    • International Schools.
    • Land scape.
    • Restaurants and cafes.
    • Parks.
    • gardens.
    • swimming pool.
    • Industrial lakes.
    • Club House.
    • Commercial area.
    • Hyper Supermarket.
    • Sports fields.
    • Trak for running and Trak for riding stairs.
    • Security and guarding.

    اب تاون كايرو التجمع الخامس

    Uptown Cairo, Nasr City

    Emaar Misr has taken care of all the details in the project in terms of everything but specially for the shape of the compound and thus used the best engineering minds to build residential designs with international standards in the Greek and Italian style.

    Inspired by the tranquil Greek nature and sophisticated engineering innovation of the world’s most admired cultures “Italy”

    فلل للبيع في اب تاون كايرو

    Highlights of UP Town Cairo:

    Great shopping center

    Is the largest shopping center in Egypt, built on an area of ​​250,000 square meters and derives its nature from the finest shopping districts in the world such as:

    • Las Ramblas.
    • Rodeo Drive.
    • Paris Champs Elysees.

    فندق اب تاون كايرو المقطم

    Villas for sale in Uptown Cairo Emaar Egypt

    Because the project is considered the best housing project in Egypt and the finest prices must be relatively high, but this project is quite different from any residential project you see in any region or in the world.

    1. Villa prices start from 20.000.000 million up to 50.000.000 million.
    2. Prices for apartments start from 2.000.000 million up to 12.000.000 million.

    خيمة اب تاون كايرو

    Uptown Mokattam payment systems

    Best repayment system and strong competitor for all repayment schemes among competing projects

    • No down payment and the rest on 8 years – equal installments

    Finishing: Fully Finished

    Receipt: 3 years from the date of contracting

    I want to know how to go uptown Cairo

    Uptown Cairo:

    ازاى تروح اب تاون كايرو

    موقع أب تاون كايرو


    Address of Emaar Misr

    • Uptown
    • Concord Hotel Tagammoa – Previous Business

    Previous work of Emaar Misr

    Is a real estate development company founded in the UAE in 1997 by the Chairman of the Board Engineer / Mohammed bin Ali Alabbar, after that the company has become in the real estate market and among all Arab and foreign countries has a distinguished name in the field of real estate development and has a strong presence in 40 regions in the Middle East .

    One of its biggest successes was:

    • Burj Khalifa – the tallest tower in the world.
    • Marina Resort – Dubai.

    In 2005, Emaar entered into a deal with Giorgio Armani to create an Armani luxury hotel group worldwide.

    2009 has built the Dubai Mall, which contains more than 1200 shops and 200 restaurants and sufficient success, that the mall has achieved the largest visits in the world for any mall in five years has achieved 80.000.000 million visits within the mall of all nationalities.

    In 2013 the company launched several outstanding projects under the name Residence Fountain Views.

    2014 it launched the Dubai Creek Residences project, which consists of 6 towers inside – Dubai Creek.

    In 2015 it opened the modern boutique hotel in front of Burj Khalifa, which is known as one of the best tourist hotels within the State of Dubai.

    If we talk about the precedent of this company will end this article a year from now has a lot of projects countless in eleven countries.

    1. Dubai.
    2. Egypt.
    3. India.
    4. Jordan.
    5. Lebanon.
    6. Morocco, West, sunset.
    7. United State.
    8. Pakistan.
    9. Saudi Arabia.
    10. Syria.
    11. And Turkey.

    The projects of Engineer / Mohamed Alabbar owner of Emaar Company from my humble point of view, that it is the best real estate development company at the present time and for several years any company in front of Emaar Egypt bow to respect for all the previous supervisory work in all Arab and foreign countries.

    For more information and reservations call:  16547 –  01288881639

      Project site: www.emaarmisrprojects.com

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