parklane new capital

Compound Parklane New Capital

Compound ParkLane New Capital ParkLane, the administrative capital, is a Dutch architectural icon that catches sight.

The real estate company Campton ParkLane has made the charming Dutch nature a pool for colorful and quiet field lovers.

.The complex features many features that have made ParkLane so high within the capital

  • Jogging trails, riding the stairs and around them are stunning nature.
  • Green spaces, doubling areas for residential construction.

    For complete comfort and psychological calm.

  • Bodies of water for a magical atmosphere at night.
  • Great entertainment venues for the pulse of life inside the Compound.

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    El Attal Holding Real Estate Company is always engaged in projects of beauty, engineering innovation and luxurious architectural ideas that suit all tastes.

    park lane new capital

    Campground ParkLane Administrative District:

    Located in the most prestigious neighborhoods of the administrative capital of the residential district R7, which is the heart of the administrative capital, all the services and tourist places Hula on the main axes main axis of Ben Zayed South.

    In front of the most important landmarks of the administrative capital:

    1. Almasa Hotel.
    2. University of Sweden.
    3. Good Rose.


    1. Green River.
    2. Governmental Quarter.
    3. Presidential Palace.
    4. Exhibition City.
    5. Opera House.
    6. The Diplomatic Quarter.

    And many of the vital places that made the complex has a unique location within the new administrative capital.

    park lane new capital

    Park Lane Project Area:

    The project is located on an area of ​​26 acres and about 80% of the total area has been allocated green areas and recreational services.

    To provide complete privacy, comfort and a delightful atmosphere within Campground Lane Park.

    The condominium has been designed and implemented with world-class measurements.

    Where the total area of ​​the Park Park Lane Advisory is rich in definition

    A / Raef Fahmy.

    Who designed the most luxurious and the most expensive of the pods on the land of Egypt, such as :

    • Bloomfields, New Cairo.
    • Ain Hills Resort, El Sokhna.
    • Sky Line Building.
    • Water Water Village.

    .And many successful projects inside and outside the administrative capital

    Characteristics of Park Lane Project:

    There are many services and features within the complex that will give you a peaceful atmosphere full of excitement.

    One of the most important features and services of the Compound:

    • Land scape.
    • Industrial lakes.
    • swimming pool.
    • Jogging tracks.
    • Special trails for riding grades.
    • Jim and Spa.
    • Cafés and restaurants.
    • Commercial areas.
    • Recreation areas.
    • Fully secured Garages.
    • Security and guarding.

    .And many of the great features offered by El Attal Holding Real Estate Company in all its branches

    park lane new capital

    ParkLane Project Spaces:

    Inside the complex you will find a variety of areas and ideas for residential space suitable for everyone:

    1. Apartments.
    2. Duplex.
    3. Penthouse.

    You will find a wide range of residential units:

    • Apartment (81 m2) Studio.
    • Apartment (112 m2) 2 rooms.
    • Apartment (140 m2) 3 rooms.
    • Duplex starts from 201 m to 309 m.
    • Penthouse starts from 225 m to 231 m.

    Everything inside the complex, which is a veritable architectural icon in the heart of the new administrative capital, has been provided

    Payment systems:

    There are many payment systems for the convenience of customers.

    Everything you dream of will be found within the ParkLane Administrative District.

    Payment systems:

    1.  7% and the rest over 6 years.
    2.  10% and the rest on 7 years.
    3.  15% and the remaining 8 years.

    All the success factors for the project were achieved:

    • Servants.
    • Wide green spaces.
    • Places of entertainment.
    • Multiple housing units.
    • Suitable payment systems for all.

    El Attal Holding Real Estate Company :

    It is said that experience equals many centers and high certificates

    El Attal Holding Real Estate Company is one of the leading companies in the field of real estate development for many years, more than 87 years of experience and excellence in real estate development.

    • Owners of El Attal Holding Real Estate Company :
    1. Hany El Attal.
    2. Mohammed El Attal Holding.
    3. Ahmed Al – Attal.
    • Previous works of El Attal Holding Real Estate Company:
    1. Embassy of Malaysia.
    2. Embassy of Bahrain.
    3. Park Lane Capital.
    4. Embassy of Qatar.
    5. Embassy of Angola.

    : And a lot of residential projects and residential areas

    • Nasr City.
    • garden City.
    • Lotus.
    • Andalus.
    • Home House.
    • Heliopolis.

    .And many of the leading projects in real estate development inside and outside Egypt

    The Park Lane project is your ideal choice for owning a distinct residential unit in terms of everything

    Services, comfort and welfare, international company owner of the project, multiple payment systems

    park lane new capital

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