New Capital 2020

New capital 2020

The new administrative capital is the largest tourist – residential – commercial – recreational city in the Middle East and may be the best architectural project in the world, however, an entire Egyptian construction, we will explain to you today all the features and services and why the New capital 2020 is the most important event since it was announced.
The advantages of the new administrative capital is a distinctive leap for Egypt since ages, a project that has completed all the services and international features that befit Egypt’s position among all countries. We summarize all the advantages of the entire administrative capital in the most important eleven information about the administrative capital in this article and the most important projects within the capital at the moment for 2020.

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    Features of the new capital

    1. Al – Fateh Al – Alim Mosque

    مسجد الفتاح العليمAl – Fateh Al – Alim Mosque New Capital

    Al-Fateh Al-Alim Mosque is the largest mosque in the world with an area of ​​106 acres and a length of 3200 cubic meters and can accommodate more than 17,000 thousand worshipers were designed with the latest Islamic designs with an aesthetic Egyptian touch.

    1. Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ

    كاتدرائية ميلاد المسيحCathedral of the Nativity of Christ the new administrative capital

    The largest church in the entire Middle East on an area of ​​15 acres located near the Green River and the exhibition grounds in the east and the cathedral features international luxury designs and distinctive Coptic style.

    1. Canadian University

    الجامعة الكنديةCanadian University New Administrative Capital

    It is the first foreign university in the new administrative capital with an area of ​​30 acres with all the services that meet all the needs of students.

    1. Knowledge City

    مدينة المعرفةKnowledge City

    It is the first smart city inside Egypt to be established with the best technology systems and modern equipment and will include several important centers such as:

    • Sciences.
    • PC.
    • Software.
    • Business Management.
    • Scientific research.

    The city is fully clean and has an area of ​​300 acres and could create more than 100,000 jobs by 2020.

    1. Capital International Airport

    مطار العاصمة الدوليCapital International Airport

    The senior leaders were keen to create a former architectural achievement of the modern era inside the new administrative capital, the international airport will have many advantages from any other airport according to international standards and the airport area is about 33 acres.

    1. The Green River

    النهر الاخضرGreen River new administrative capital

    In short, it is the heart of the new administrative capital, the lifeblood. It is considered the largest and longest central park in the world that includes gardens, parks and recreational places.

    1. City of Culture and Arts

    مدينة الثقافة والفنونCity of Culture and Arts

    Designed for all art and culture lovers, it will be the largest arts city in Egypt with tourist attractions, cinemas and theaters.

    1. Fairgrounds

    مدينة المعارضNew Capital City

    A city that combines Pharaonic civilization, sophistication and engineering innovation with two international hotels, huge exhibition halls and convention centers for more than 5,000 people. It also has very brief administrative and social rooms. It is the best exhibition city in Egypt and the third largest exhibition grounds in the world. New administrative.

    1. Medical City

    المدينة الطبيةMedical City New Capital

    One of the plans of the administrative capital project is to provide a fully medical city equipped with the latest equipment to provide an integrated medical service serving the entire administrative capital.

    1. Sports Complex

    المجمع الرياضيNew Capital Sports Complex

    The largest and largest sports complex in the world on an area of ​​95.000 thousand acres and the cost of about 600.000.000 million pounds with all sports activities and parks and green nature clean that contains only comfort and tranquility.

    1. Al Massa Hotel

    فندق الماسةDiamond Hotel New Capital

    Al Masa Hotel is one of the best and finest hotels in Egypt. A new branch has been opened inside the administrative capital.

    The most important projects of the new administrative capital

    Midtown Projects Series – Better Home Company

    The first project built within the new administrative capital, Midtown Villa, followed by Midtown Condo, Solo and Sky, the first projects of the company Petrhom rich in definition in the field of real estate development, characterized by the spirit of creativity in all its projects and distinctive innovative designs.

    Advantages of Midtown Capital Projects

    • Fully equipped medical hospital.
    • Clinics all specialties.
    • International schools and universities.
    • International tourist hotel.
    • Vast green spaces.
    • Swimming pools and artificial lakes.
    • Track to run and ride stairs.
    • Shopping mall.
    • Restaurants and cafes.
    • Club House.
    • Entertainment places for children.
    • Special Garages.
    • Security around the clock.

    The second best project in the administrative capital of Revan Compound – Arab Development Company

    It is the first project in the administrative capital finishing a hotel fully centralized adaptations Arab Development Company has been designed as a compound of the pre-modern era in the capital in terms of classical world designs and the shape and nature of the charming compound will overwhelm you with the beauty of the first thing you see.

    Advantages of Revan Capital Project

    • Central air conditioning and excellent hotel service.
    • 84% of the project area is green.
    • Track to run.
    • Trac for riding stairs.
    • Security around the clock.
    • Special garage.
    • Club House.
    • Artificial lakes.
    • swimming pool.
    • Restaurants and cafes.
    • Shopping mall.

    The third project with us and the last compound Park Lane – porter

    Charming nature rich in green, lakes and pure water The Park Lane project is designed like a charming Dutch nature The entire project on View is more wonderful than a company rich in definition in the field of real estate many years ago built 120 compound as a contractor with the best international standards and innovative designs distinctive.

    Advantages of Park Lane Project

    • Vast green spaces.
    • Club House.
    • swimming pool.
    • Artificial lakes.
    • Jogging and riding trails.
    • Shopping mall.
    • Restaurants and cafes.
    • Recreational areas.
    • Garages.
    • Security around the clock.
    العاصمة الادارية الجديدةThe new administrative capital

    For more information and reservations call:  16547  –  01012268500

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