Compound Midtown Sky

Compound Midtown Sky

Midtown Skyline is the fourth in the new capital, Compound Midtown Sky , one of the largest projects in the capital.

After the overwhelming success of the Midtown series:

  1. Midtown Villa .
  2. Compound Midtown Solo .
  3. Midtown Condo .
  4. Midtown Sky .

For all the details and reservation call: 16547 – 01289397910

    It is time to open a new phase within the Midtown Sky Compound Capital City.

    Midtown Sky is characterized by innovative and modern designs that enjoy a wonderful view because the entire compound is filled with a green balloon between the landscape and the vast gardens and parks, to provide a rich atmosphere of calm and charming atmosphere full of joy.

    Better Home has been interested in the multiplicity of units within the project.

    1. Apartments.
    2. Villas.
    3. Unified business.
    4. Administrative.
    5. medical.

    مشروع midtown

    Location of Midtown Sky New Capital:

    Midtown Sky Compound is located in the best residential area within the capital within the 7th district R7 because it has many advantages that make it one of the best neighborhoods of the new administrative capital

    Advantager of 7th District:

    • Close to all neighborhoods of the capital.
    • Close to all shopping malls.
    • Universities and schools.
    • Close to Medical City.
    • Close to entertainment.

    Midtown Sky New Capital is also close to:

    • Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ.
    • Al – Fateh Al – Alim Mosque.
    • Green River.
    • Academic City.
    • Al Massa Hotel.
    • Capital International Airport.
    • Fairgrounds

    Better Home has been interested in the Midtown Sky project in a distinct geographical location located on the main axes and main roads within the capital are:

    1. Bin Zayed South axis.
    2. Middle Ring Road.

    Midtown Sky is an integrated service and features project with the best geographical location within the new administrative capital Book your residential or commercial unit.

    midtown new capital

    Midtown Sky Project

    Midtown Sky is a 122-acre, 20% divided residential development, the rest of the landscape and services to provide customers with complete comfort and privacy.

    Advantager of Midtown Sky Project:

    The main feature of the project is the geographical location, but not only that Better Home is interested in providing everything to the customers in the project in terms of services and all the requirements of living and all the needs of your family.

    The most important features of the project:

    • Hospital and medical clinics.
    • Schools and Universities.
    • Tourist hotel.
    • Land scape.
    • swimming pool.
    • Industrial lakes.
    • Track to run.
    • Trac for riding stairs.
    • Shopping mall.
    • Restaurants and cafes.
    • Club House.
    • Places of entertainment.
    • Special garage.
    • Security around the clock.

    midtown new cairo

    Midtown Sky Project Capital

    BATRAHOM has provided various units and spaces to suit all tastes and needs of customers.


    • 90 meters – Studio.
    • 140 meters – Garden 70 meters.
    • 190 meters – Garden 70 meters.

    Apartments frequent spaces:

    • 90 meters / Studio.
    • 140 m / 2 rooms.
    • 145 m / 2 rooms.
    • 190 m / 3 rooms.


    • 350 meters – Town Middle.
    • 351 M – Town Corner.
    • 350 meters – Twin.


    • 110m + 80m outdoor space.
    • 160 m + 80 m outdoor space.
    • 105 m / first floor.
    • 205 m / first floor.
    • 105 m / second floor.
    • 205 m / second floor.

    Midtown Sky Payment Systems:

    • 10% down payment and the rest over 7 years equal installments without interest.

    midtown new capital

    Pethroom Fifth Settlement

    Better Home started in the real estate business in 1998 and since this day many projects have been implemented on the land of Egypt and quickly became known in the real estate development market.

    It has implemented more than 15 successful projects by all standards and with the testimony of everyone the name Better Home has become a complete confidence among customers who are interested in the field of real estate.

    Previous work of Better Home:

    Within the administrative capital:

    1. Midtown Villa.
    2. Midtown Solo.
    3. Not Capital.
    4. Midtown Condo.
    5. Midtown Sky.

    Fifth Settlement:

    1. Cairo Medical Center.
    2. Mega Mall.
    3. Cairo Business Gate.

    6 October:

    1. Cityscape Mall.

    New Cairo:

    • Highland Park.
    • Cairo Business Plaza.

    Midtown Sky Compound is the life you always wanted

    For all the details and reservation call: 16547 – 01289397910

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