The best compound in the new capital

The best compound in the new capital

There are many distinctive projects within the new administrative capital and there is a strong competition among investors inside the capital for those who have a first name on this land. All companies have been interested in providing all the services and advantages that make the residential life inside the capital more prosperous. Compound in the new administrative capital.
The new  capital is considered as the largest national projects on the land of Egypt at the present time and we see the modern future of Egypt.

After foreign investors and in other Arab countries to pump giant projects inside the capital and services to make it a major city to rise name in all neighborhoods of the world and not only inside Egypt has been interested in President Abdel Fattah Sisi to make this project iconic Egypt has applied many statements to make the residential life inside this city distinct not exceeding the proportion of residential construction of any company within the capital only 20% and the rest be services and landscape to provide a pure atmosphere free of noise and the spread of green spaces within the entire administrative capital.

Today we will talk about:

  1. The best DC compounds .
  2. Scheme of the new administrative capital R8 .
  3. New Capital Compounds Prices .
  4. Map of New Capital Compounds .

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    The best new capital compounds

    Rivan the administrative capital

    Rivan New Capital


    We will start with a project that will change our thinking about the meaning of the residential life that we know of Revan New Capital, a project of Arab Development Company.

    Rivan the new administrative capital

    It is the first compound within the administrative capital, a complete hotel finishing has been established in the best geographical locations within the capital within the 7th residential district R7 F5, which is defined as relatively higher than the rest of the neighboring areas to see the entire project wonderful view and enjoy clean air free of pollution.

    What distinguishes the project Rivan administrative capital

    The advantages that we have shown above are nothing but the real advantages of the Rivan administrative capital project

    The most important features of Revan Compound:

    1. Geographical location.
    2. Vast green spaces.
    3. Close to the most important landmarks of the capital.
    4. Close to the best malls of the administrative capital.
    5. On the main roads and hubs within the capital.

    The best project with a geographical location within the capital

    Because it is close to:

    • Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ.
    • Al – Fateh Al – Alim Mosque.
    • Expo City.
    • The Green River.
    • Capital International Airport.
    • the opera.
    • Al Massa Hotel.

    Revan New Capital

    • Central adaptations.
    • Land scape.
    • Track to run and ride stairs.
    • Security.
    • Garages.
    • Club House.
    • Industrial lakes.
    • swimming pool.
    • Restaurants and cafes.
    • Shopping mall.

    Revan compound new capital

    Residential areas start from 77 meters up to 560 meters consisting of:

    • Apartments start from: 77 meters – 250 m.
    • Villas start from: 300 meters – 560 m.

    The best payment system within the capital

    Down payment and the rest on 10 years without interest and have with us your residential unit within the compound of the new administrative capital Revan

    Midtown Sky Better Home

    midtown Sky

    The first company to build in the new administrative capital Pethuram Company responsible for the Midtown chain within the administrative capital We will talk today about the fourth project within the capital Midtown Sky Compound the largest integrated residential project within the capital.

    After the overwhelming success of projects:

    1. Midtown Villa.
    2. Solo.
    3. Condo.
    4. Midtown Sky.

    Who has achieved great success within the capital and its name has become very popular than those who care about housing within the new administrative capital.

    Today we will introduce the fourth project of this outstanding series Midtown Sky and show you what are the advantages of the project and who is the company that is building this outstanding residential project.

    Project features Midtown Sky administrative capital

    1. Close to all the capital’s landmarks.
    2. Project on the most important axes and main roads.
    3. hospital.
    4. Medical Clinics.
    5. Tourist hotel.
    6. Land scape.
    7. Swimming pools and artificial lakes.
    8. Trak for running and Trak for riding stairs.
    9. 3 commercial malls.
    10. Club House.
    11. Restaurants and cafes.
    12. Security and guarding.

    As we explained above, the project is characterized by many advantages that make it a full-service city everything you need will be inside the compound. Better Home has always been interested in all its projects for the convenience of customers in terms of space divisions, services and innovative features.

    The most important works of Better Home

    Better Home has been known in 1998 since it entered the field of real estate development in Egypt.

    The most important projects of Better Home:

    1. Midtown New Capital Project Series.Sky – Condo – Solo – Villa
    2. Cairo Medical Center.
    3. Cairo Business Gate.
    4. Mega Mall.
    5. Cityscape Mall.
    6. Highland Park.
    7. Cairo Business Plaza.

    Midtown Sky Villas Destinations

    midtown hostel cairo

    midtown new cairo

    midtown sky

    Photos of Midtown projects from the ground within the new administrative capital

    midtown sky new capital

    midtown sky

    midtown villa

    midtown solo

    midtown condo

    Park Lane Compound – Porter

    park lane new capital

    The charming Dutch nature, classic luxury designs, services and pure green nature all this and more within the Park Lane compound of the new administrative capital Attal Real Estate Company has established a former compound of the press on the land of the new administrative capital, a compound dedicated to lovers of colorful fields and charming atmosphere.

    Location Park Lane New Capital

    The project is located inside the most important residential areas within the capital and the most distinctive within the seventh residential district R7 distinguished because it is located near the most important commercial areas and attractions of the capital.

    The portal company is interested in its distinctive geographic location in Park Lane. The project is located on the main main axes within the capital, Bin Zayed South axis.

    Located in front of:

    • Al Massa Hotel.
    • Swedish University.
    • Good Rose.


    • The Green River.
    • Government District.
    • Embassy District.
    • Expo City.
    • Opera House.
    • Presidential Palace.
    • Diplomatic Quarter.

    We also explained that it is the best project in the capital with a distinct geographical location because it is close to all services that meet all your needs and the needs of your family.

    Park Lane project area of ​​the new administrative capital

    The project is being built on an area of ​​only 26 acres. Construction has started at the present time.

    The compound is built to international standards in interior spaces, where you will find residential divisions and the area of ​​the compound suitable in a fictional way, because who designed the compound consultant / engineer Raef Fahmy.

    The most important works of Engineer Raef Fahmy

    1. The Water Way Compound New Cairo.
    2. Bloom Fields New Cairo.
    3. Ein Hills Resort.
    4. Skyline of Morshedy.
    5. The Waterway Village.

    Many successful projects may be the best in Egypt as a whole.

    Advantages of Park Lane Project New Capital

    There are many advantages within the compound and may be literally integrated.

    Main Services:

    • Land scape.
    • Club House.
    • Swimming pools and artificial lakes.
    • Jogging and riding trails.
    • Shopping mall.
    • Restaurants and cafes.
    • Recreational areas.
    • Garages.
    • Security and guarding.

    The most important work of the porter

    It has built 7 embassies, the most important of which are:

    1. Malaysia.
    2. the two seas.
    3. Qatar.
    4. Angola.

    It has built more than 120 compound as an architectural contractor and many projects in all governorates of Egypt.

    Top 10 compounds and malls within the new administrative capital

    1. Revan the administrative capital .
    2. Park Lane porter .
    3. Midtown .
    4. Compound Entrada Sorouh .
    5. La Vista City administrative capital .
    6. Golden Yard the administrative capital .
    7. Grand Square Mall .
    8. Champs Elysees Mall .
    9. Paris Mall Pyramids .
    10. Paris East Mall administrative capital .

    Scheme of the new administrative capital R8


    The new administrative capital walks with a standard plan and organized for the date of receipt of the entire project is an integrated map of the main roads and services will explain to you what is the plan of the entire administrative capital and what are the advantages of the eighth district.

    Capital Administrative Plan

    The new administrative capital is a development of the Egyptian economy to provide a prosperous economy and achieve all the successes of Egypt and to obtain a distinctive housing environment that competes with all countries of the world.

    The administrative capital site

    The location of the new administrative capital has been carefully chosen to begin with the creation of a world city with very precise standards and standards that some have called the city of dreams like those written in fiction.

    Features of the new administrative capital site

    1. It is located around all the main roads.
    2. Close to the tourist attractions of Egypt.
    3. Located 60 km from Greater Cairo.

    It is also close to the 5th and 6th of October and Future City.

    New administrative capital area

    The capital area of ​​170,000 acres is larger than the entire city of Singapore.

    This massive project has created many jobs for more than 2,000,000 million people within the New Capital of Egypt team.

    This huge project has provided many advantages such as:

    1. Global designs.
    2. international Airport.
    3. The third largest exhibition grounds in the world.
    4. The largest central park in the world.
    5. The longest green river in the world.

    And a lot of sights and entertainment places that have made this city aesthetic icon around the world.

    Features of the 8th Neighborhood R8

    The finest neighborhoods of the capital and the least residential density for lovers of tranquility, the eighth residential district is characterized by the best geographical location within the new administrative capital.


    1. Diplomatic Quarter.
    2. Government District.
    3. parliament building.
    4. Council of Ministers.
    5. City of Culture and Arts.
    6. The Green River.
    7. Fairgrounds.
    8. Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ.

    It is located on the main roads and main axes serving the entire neighborhood:

    1. Regional Ring Road.
    2. Bin Zayed axis.

    The administrative capital is not only an ordinary project, it is a much bigger project.

    More importantly, this major city, however, is completely Egyptian construction and has surpassed many foreign projects and may in the future be the best residential, commercial, and entertainment city in the world.

    Prices of new capital compounds

    There are many prices and competition among investors within the administrative capital in a large number of really, but more importantly the price of services and the name of the project in which you own your residential or commercial unit.

    Today I will show you the cheapest projects within the capital and the best of them.

    1. Midtown Sky: features the best price per meter within the capital and the best services.
    2. Roses new Capital: Less than one meter per meter between all projects of the entire capital.
    3. The City Capital: This project has many great features for a great price.

    Map of New Capital Compounds

    Revan administrative capital site

    rivan new capital

    Park Lane porter location

    park lane new capital

    Midtown location

    map midtown sky

    Location of the complex Intrada Sorouh

    Entrada new capital

    Location of the administrative capital of La Vista City

    la vista new capital

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