Compound Rivan Arabian Development Company

Compound Rivan Arabian Development Company

You must be confused among all the administrative capital projects that led to be more than 50 projects and all of them are very distinguished, but today we will talk about a completely different project from any other project within the new administrative capital, specifically within the seventh residential neighborhood that R7 calls the Revan compound of the Arab Development Company And for those who do not know the name of this company, it is one of the largest current companies in real estate development, and it has a big name within the sister country of Saudi Arabia.

Rivan New Capital

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    كمبوند ريفان شركة التعمير العربية
    كمبوند ريفان شركة التعمير العربية

    The location of the Revan Compound, the new administrative capital

    The project is located in the heart of the seventh residential neighborhood, R7, piece F5. The most unique thing about this project is that it is held at the highest level in the administrative capital and is surrounded by a land scape estimated at about 37 acres, and it is considered that it is rich in the picturesque nature that guides the nerves and is characterized by the most wonderful view.

    Compound Rivan New Capital is also located near the most important landmarks of the new capital, such as:

    • Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ.
    • Al-Fattah Al-Alim Mosque.
    • Al Massa Hotel.
    • The Green River.
    • Expo City.
    • Capital International Airport.
    • Academic City.

    Among the most important features of the project that it is built on the main axes and roads of the main administrative capital, they are:

    1. Middle Ring Road.
    2. Bin Zayed South axis.

    The area of ​​the compound of Revan, the new administrative capital

    The project is held on an area of ​​66 thousand square meters, about 16.5 acres. Many say that the project is on a small area, but the share allocated to residential construction is only 18% of the entire project area and the rest of the land scape, services and other 37 acres green areas around the project.

    The project consists of 16 residential buildings with the finest engineering designs provided by the Saudi Arabian Development Company. I have developed a strategic plan to expand within the real estate market inside Egypt with its first project. This complex is Rivan New Capital. I expect that the project will take great popularity for all fans of housing within the new administrative capital, the future of Egypt. the talk.

    كمبوند ريفان العاصمة الادارية
    كمبوند ريفان العاصمة الادارية

    Residential units spaces of the Revan project

    The entire project consists of 16 residential buildings, ground and seven floors, but the distinguished one in this project is the suspended villa, which is a villa suspended in a panoramic view in full between each building and the other in Garden and Roof. Modern and new design within the real estate projects in Egypt, presented by the Arab Construction Company.

    كمبوند ريفان
    كمبوند ريفان

    Residential units spaces:

    • One room starts from 92 m and reaches 125 m.
    • Two rooms start from 136 m and up to 199 m.
    • 3 rooms, one area, it is 149 m.
    • Duplex with an area of ​​375 m.
    • The suspended villa is one 550 square meters.
    Rivan new capital
    Rivan new capital

    Prices for the compound of Revan, the administrative capital

    Residential prices start from only 1,200,000.

    Price per square meter Revan project

    The price per square meter starts from 13,000 thousand.

    Compound Rivan
    Compound Rivan

    Compound service Rivan New Capital

    Services are one of the main things that everyone who dreams of living in the new administrative capital is looking for. She considers the life of the project to be a life that is full of joy and luxury.

    Among the most important features of the project:

    1. Track running and riding grades.
    2. Vast green spaces in the full sense of the word.
    3. Huge dancing fountain in half of the project.
    4. Industrial lakes.
    5. Clubhouse above each apartment building means that there are 16 Clubhouse in the project.
    6. swimming pool.
    7. Gym and spa.
    8. A huge restaurant on the main gate of the project with a great view.
    9. Security and guard around the clock.

    Payment systems for the Revan administrative capital project

    The Revan Compound payment system is the best payment system so far within the new administrative capital in terms of the long repayment period and the price per square meter, despite all the projects surrounding the project, the price per square meter is more than the amount we mentioned above.

    • I only pay 10% of the housing unit amount and the remaining installment for 10 years without any interest.
    شركة التعمير العربية
    شركة التعمير العربية

    Percentage of project load of Revan Construction Company

    The project is characterized by the lowest percentage of loading in the entire capital, which is only 17%.

    Residential units finishing

    Fully finished, do not miss anything, Al Tameer Al Arabia Company has written off all units of the highest standard and the latest design with central adaptations.

    شقق العاصمة
    شقق العاصمة

    Year Receipt of compound Rivan New Capital

    The year of receipt of all units written in the acquisition contract is 2023.

    But it is always known that all projects of Al Tameer Company are delivering all projects ahead of time.

    Arab Reconstruction Company

    The company was established in 1995, under the chairmanship of Eng. Marzouk Mansour and Mr. Salem Al-Sudaisi, and since then it has become the best real estate development company in Saudi Arabia through housing projects that it offers with a good reputation from all clients, whether inside Egypt or all Arab countries as a whole because the company has a precedent Huge works that are well known in all Arab countries.

    For all details and reservations, call:  16547  –  01012268500

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