Rivan new capital

Compound Revan new capital

It is time for a new project in the new administrative capital that changes the concepts of residential life that we know of.

It also features a variety of spaces and engineering designs to provide the most suitable choice for customers with a distinctive view of greenery and magnificent view inside you will find inside the compound of the new capital Rivan life full of joy that will restore happiness you and all members of your family.

For all the details and reservation call:  16547  –  01012268500

    Revan New Capital Project

    The first compound finishing hotel central adaptations within the new administrative capital is held on the finest neighborhoods of the administrative capital, the seventh residential district R7.

    Advantager of 7th District:

    • Close to all neighborhoods of the capital.
    • Close to all shopping malls.
    • Universities and schools.
    • Close to Medical City.
    • Close to Paris East Mall .

    ريفان العاصمة الادارية الجديدة

    The new administrative capital of Rivan is also close to:

    • Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ.
    • Al – Fateh Al – Alim Mosque.
    • Green River.
    • Academic City.
    • Al Massa Hotel.
    • Capital International Airport.
    • Fairgrounds

    The company has been interested in the development of the Arab Revan distinct geographical location located on the most important axes and main roads within the capital are:

    1. Bin Zayed South axis.
    2. Middle Ring Road.

    ريفان العاصمة الادارية

    Arab Development Company

    Established in 1995 and after that day the company has become a high name in the field of real estate development inside and outside Egypt.

    • Geographical location.
    • Services and benefits.
    • Recreational places.
    • Wonderful view.
    • Multiple areas and engineering divisions.
    • The cheapest price per meter.

    Arabian Development Company’s projects spread to the Arabian Gulf and Africa with an exceptional thought that surprised anyone interested in real estate.

    كمبوند ريفان العاصمة الادارية

    Revan compound new capital

    Areas within the project start from 77 meters and up to 550 meters.

    1. Duplex.
    2. Penthouse.
    3. Apartments.
    4. For the first time inside the capital (the villa is suspended).

    Revan payment systems new administrative capital

    Starting from 0% down payment and installments up to 10 years without interest.

    Revan Compound form the administrative capital

    خريطة كمبوند ريفان

    مشروع ريفان

    Revan’s name will soon become a symbol of strength and competition within the administrative capital

    Rivan new capital

    For all the details and reservation call:  16547  –  01012268500

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