The top 10 investment projects in Egypt

The top 10 investment projects in Egypt

After the decrease in interest rates in all Egyptian banks, the best investment today is within the real estate sector, specifically in the new capital, because it will become in the long run the best opportunities for secured investment in Egypt.

After all ministries and government bodies come down next June, the new administrative capital will be full of life and prices will increase in all Real estate projects are considered weakness, such as what happened in the regions of the Sixth of October and the Fifth Compound, after what was filled with population, malls, and entertainment places.

Today, it has become one of the finest residential areas in Egypt, and today we give you all the advice for a successful investment with the best skilled etc.

Economic Rat in the field of real estate investment and what are the 10 most important projects for investment in Egypt from companies with previous work is huge.

Rat in the field of real estate investment and what are the 10 most important projects for investment in Egypt from companies with previous work is huge.

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    The top 10 investment projects in Egypt

    Commercial investment 

    Cairo Business Plaza

    Cairo Business Mall occupies the forefront in investment within the capital’s malls.

    It is characterized by a vital geographical location where it is accepted by a large group of businessmen and investors who are interested in the real estate field and the subsidiary of the project Home Better is well known in the capital under the slogan of the people of the capital.

    The first residential project in the capital, Midtown Villa, will be fully delivered in the coming days.

    Sixty Mall Bruges Company

    Sixty Mall is the strongest investment project in the new capital and its finest includes many advantages that make it distinct in the best neighborhood within the new capital, the financial and business district, which is presented by the company that won the trust of everyone between customers and the largest investor, Edge Holding Development.

    Marquee Mall Warren Company

    Investing in the new administrative capital is now the golden opportunity to obtain a strong range return.

    Markiye Mall is characterized by the best vital location because it is close to:

    • All commercial banks.
    • Governmental district.
    • Ministries district.
    • Presidential headquarters.
    • Capital International Airport.
    • Al Massa Hotel.
    • Opera House.
    • The Great Capital Library.

    Capital Prime Royal Company

    Pay after receiving and start your business now. Capital Prime New Capital Offer for a limited time

    1. Shops.
    2. Hotel administrative offices.
    3. Medical Clinics.

    Without 0% down payment and installments of up to 9 years without interest.

    Capital Prime Mall is the newest project of Engineer Raef Fahmy.

    Paris Mall Pyramids Company

    Pyramids is the first in the exclusive offers in the capital and is considered by some to be the best in offers and initial payment systems in the field of real estate development in full.

    Paris Mall location in MU23 is the best mall in terms of many things:

    1. Services.
    2. Mall features.
    3. Classic world designs.

    Paris Mall New Capital is the fourth project of Pyramids Developments within the new administrative capital and has the first largest glacier city within the entire capital.

    The top 10 investment projects in Egypt

    Residential investment

    Revan Compound, Arabian Development Company

    Revan Compound, Arabian Development Company

    You must be confused among all the capital projects that may be more than 50 projects and all of them are very distinguished, but as we have explained above we will talk about the best 5 commercial projects and the best 5 housing projects for investment within the capital and the Revan project is the first in the administrative capital projects because it is considered to be built in half The capital is within the seventh residential neighborhood R7 and the most remarkable thing about the project is the wonderful view, because it is surrounded by more than 40 acres of green spaces outside the compound.

    Attica New Plan project

    The second launch – New Plan for investment and real estate development by contracting in partnership with the Italian company Lamborghini, the maker of the most luxurious cars in the world, which was founded in 1963. Engineering minds in the Middle East are designed.

    Midtown Sky Company, Betterhome

    The fourth distinct Midtown chain in the new capital, Midtown Sky Compound, one of the largest projects at the present time on the land of the capital.

    It is time to open a new phase in the Midtown Sky Compound Capital, the administrative capital.

    Better Home has made the Midtown brand a symbol of power within the capital and a competitor to all the projects around it.

    Midtown Sky features modern, innovative designs with a great view, because the entire compound is filled with a green balloon between land scape, gardens and vast parks to provide a calm atmosphere and a charming atmosphere full of joy.

    Midtown Sky Company, Betterhome

    Park Lane Porter Company

    Park Lane Compound, the administrative capital, is an eye-catching Dutch architectural icon.

    The compound is located in the most prestigious district of the administrative capital, in the distinguished residential neighborhood R7, which promises to be the heart of the administrative capital, all services and tourist places around it on the most important major hubs of the bin Zayed axis.

    In front of the most important milestones of the administrative capital:

    • Al Massa Hotel.
    • Swedish University.
    • Tiba Rose.
    • The Green River.
    • Governmental district.
    • Presidential Palace.
    • Exhibition city.
    • Opera House.
    • The diplomatic quarter.

    And many vital places that made the compound enjoy a unique location within the new administrative capital.

    La Vista City 

    La Vista City, the new administrative capital, the life you wished for with unique services, a painting full of innovation and sophistication

    One of the important things that has acquired the company’s thought of establishing a compound, La Vista City, the administrative capital, which is the magnitude of the project, as a separate city from the rest of the capital, but also close to the vital places provided by the administrative capital.

    La Vista City 

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